Area Rug Cleaning

From synthetic carpets to area rug cleaning, Cambridge, MA, residents hire us for it all. Cambridge Carpet Cleaning is your trusted team for any flooring type.

Rug Cleaning Cambridge, Massachusetts

Most households aren’t as clean as they think they are, especially when discussing their floors. Without a dedicated rug cleaning Cambridge contractor, your carpets remain dirty.

While you spend a lot of time picking up clutter, area rugs trap dirt and debris. Over time, they become matted with mud, hair, and allergens, requiring our technicians.

Cambridge Carpet Cleaning can keep any area rug cleaner from stains and odors. We carefully service any type of carpet that needs our help throughout Cambridge, MA, every day.

Whether you can’t find the right products or can’t risk mistakes, hire us instead. Our experienced service contractors always know what your floors need the most.

The Best Rug Cleaning Boston, MA, and Beyond

Any home that has expensive rugs loves to show them off. Unfortunately, since they are typically used in dining and gathering spaces, they also develop stains rather quickly.

As pollens, dander, and dirt are ground into the fibers, odors may linger as well. Carpets and rugs are also ideal locations for mold and mildew spores to spread.

Thankfully, you can always rely on our professional rug cleaners to keep your home fresher. Contact us today to maintain any type of carpets you have, such as:

When bottled cleaning products only make problems worse, we always achieve the best results possible. Clean all of your area rugs the professional way with our experienced technicians.

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Needlepoint Rug Cleaning

Needlepoint rugs offer gorgeously intricate designs that are ideal for decorative spaces. However, these beautiful carpets can’t take on too much foot traffic.

Since they are such a delicate rug material, they require a professional carpet cleaning service. Have us spruce up your decorative carpets in time for your next round of house guests.

Shag Carpets and Rugs

Shag carpets are coming back into style for their fluffiness and soft materials. Since they usually are made of wool, they can be quite fussy to keep clean.

Their cozy nature also makes them attractive for pets to nap on, leaving dander behind. Keep your shag carpets and rugs free from hair and debris with our cleaners.

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Cut and Loop Rugs

Cut and Loop area rugs are an elegant addition to any room. However, their softer nature also makes them look worn out faster than other types of rugs.

They require frequent upkeep to maintain a like-new appearance throughout the year. Choose our rug cleaning experts whenever your cut and loop rug starts trapping stains and odors.

Flatweave Area Rugs

Flatweave area rugs continue to be popular thanks to their low-profile design and thinner bodies. These traits make them ideal for use in most areas including offices and bedrooms.

They stand up to foot traffic quite well, so they are mostly used in gathering spaces. Clean all of your flatweave rugs with our affordable contractors today.

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Cut Pile Rugs

Cut pile rugs and carpet flooring are perhaps the most popular in the world. They feel soft against bare feet, making them perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

They can, however, reveal footprints and trap stains depending on the height of the fibers. When your cut pile floors take on too much use, we revitalize them at low costs.

Loop Pile Area Rugs

Loop pile rugs aren’t as tall as cut pile rugs, so they are more durable. They also provide improved traction for rolling chairs and furniture.

Since they are a thinner fiber, they can also show their trapped dirt faster. When your vacuum isn’t enough to free the debris from your rugs, we always know what to do to leave them cleaner.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning Near Me

Oriental Rugs are often known as Persian Rugs or Antique Rugs. No matter what you call them, they offer intricate designs and a lot of decorating potential.

These carpets are often hand-made and quite expensive, so they require specific cleaning. Choose us to prevent common mistakes made in trying to maintain them.

Kilim Floor and Wall Tapestries

Whether you see tapestries as functional or decorative, they add a lot of value to any room. They can dampen noises, warm interior spaces, or even act as wall art.

They can also be challenging to clean, as their zero-pile threads are tightly woven. Luckily, we maintain all types of carpets, rugs, and other surfaces, so we can help with these too.

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Why You Need Carpet Cleaners to Maintain Area Rugs

Area rugs are made from a wide range of materials, blends, and weaving techniques. As a result, they can have wildly different cleaning requirements and considerations.

Some carpets, like Oriental Rugs, may appreciate over time with proper care. However, these suddenly stop gaining value once they become bleached or discolored.

We only use proven safe and effective cleaning methods guaranteed to leave them spotless. To clean these types of rugs, we use heated water, steam, and non-toxic cleaning detergents for expert upkeeping.

Whether your area rugs cost a fortune or a few bucks, we can clean them all. Give all of your floors the best care team around, and hire us today.

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Why Hire Us for Area Rug Cleaning?

No matter what materials they’re made from, all area rugs are delicate. They can quickly be damaged, even from recommended household cleaning techniques.

When a wine glass is knocked over, it’s hard not to leap into action. When you let those instincts take over, you usually end up grinding in the stain.

Even when you prepare your rug with stain blockers, they can still penetrate through. Heavy foot traffic will also lead to them looking worn-out and dirty.

Before you end up making a stain worse, choose us for professional area rug cleaning. We only use safe and non-toxic steam extraction equipment for worry-free maintenance.

The Best Rug Cleaning Cambridge, MA

No matter what type of rugs you prefer, we can clean them all. We know how to deal with every stain, odor, and flattened carpet fibers.

Most often, the area rugs that look the best are also the fussiest. Many homeowners aren’t sure how to care for their carpets correctly and oftentimes end up ruining them.

When you can’t risk causing damage to your rugs, choose our helpful cleaners. Cambridge Carpet Cleaning knows how to maintain any style or fabric your rugs are made from.